agg 1For years farmers have known us for our prompt delivery services and quality products. Our business was built on helping farmers stay fueled and ready to produce and deliver food products across the country. At Smith Oil Corporation, we work with our farm customers in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin region to ensure their seasonal fuel farm needs are met. We can deliver small or large quantities of fuels and lubricants based on anticipated requirements. Smith Oil Corporation also offers fixed fuel pricing to help eliminate the risk of untimely price increases and allow fuel unit costs to be budgeted with 100% certainty

agg 2If you have a farming operation, you know the importance of high quality fuels, lubricants and dependable service. The ever increasing expense and complexity of farming equipment today requires quality high performance products to get the most out of your machinery. We can provide prompt, onsite delivery of those products you need to meet all your equipment demands:

  • Environmentally friendly alternative fuels
  • Premium tractor diesels
  • Bio-diesel
  • Heating oilsagriculture-3
  • Brad Penn lubricants – MADE IN THE USA

We are the single source for all your refueling needs. Contact our team of professionals today and let us help you run your farming operation more efficiently.

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